Gen Padova pees into her own mouth and drinks it

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Here is the ever hot Gen Padova's trip to Pissmops.  I'm not normally into the piss drinking but to start things off Gen puts her legs over her head and pees into her own mouth!!  She is then joined by another girl (?); a guy stands to the side of the camera and pees on them.  Gen drinks some of it even though she says it's 'nasty' and the other girl gets it in her eyes and bitches for a while about it stinging!  Two more guys pee on Gen alone and then the first guy comes back and begins peeing on her again, to which Gen says "Ohhh, I remember you!'  She then lies down in the tub while the blond pees into her mouth.  To finish things off, the director makes her lie back in the bathtub with her hair in the piss.

This is not for the faint of heart, you have been warned.  The director is particularly annoying in this one, never shutting up.  However, Gen (who looks just like one of my friends!!!) is spectacular: even though she's being totally degraded she has a smile on her face the whole time and you can tell that she's really into it.  Hope everyone enjoys this one, let me know if there's interest in seeing her Squirt bukkake clip where she finishes herself off with a wine bottle to two of those Gen Padova body shaking orgasms.

Screens to the left, in the torrent and in the first comment below.  Enjoy and don't forget to leave your thanks and comments.

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