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Hogtied - Female Bodybuiler (Lynn McCrossin aka PecPanther) 04-15-08 (5207)

【Movie Type】:Movie Clip

【Movie Size】:334.37 MB (350,611,011 bytes)

【Run Time】 : 45 min 44 sec

Movie Description

                                                       Lynn McCrossin

                                                       April 15, 2008

Where can you find a previously-ranked bodybuilder in hardcore bondage? The answer is nowhere, until today. Welcome Lynn McCrossin, known as the PecPanther. All those muscles don't mean anything when you are bound up with 4 strand German hemp!

Once you get these muscle-bound hotties tied up and helpless, they are just like any other girl. Their pussies get wet, they struggle and fight but can not stop the sexual assault against their hard bodies. PecPanther is forced to cum and cum, until she actually begs for it to stop.

MY TAKE:  Fairly unusual combination of Female bodybuilder fetish, and hogtied/forced orgasm fetish.  Pretty sure you've never seen anything like it before.

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