JB Video - Pantyhose Seduction 20 (audio fixed)

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Movie Description

We see Ryan Conner at the office in her skirt/suit, shiny suntan PH and white pumps! She calls to order a sexy strip show for her husband's birthday but later finds out he won't be home in time. Meanwhile we see Amber Michaels already there in a latex French Maid uniform with shiny black STW PH and black pumps!
She vacuums for a bit giving nice views up her skirt at her nice ass and cotton panel before finding a magazine and dildo! Next Ryan comes in and finds Amber enjoying herself and soon experiences her first lesbian experience as Amber seduces her!
The girls kiss before Amber gives Ryan head through her PH, then strips Ryan to her PH, heels and bra to kiss her big sexy ass and legs! Next Amber strips to her PH, bra and heels as Ryan kisses and licks her ass and legs. Ryan gives her head through the PH then rips them open to continue passionately!
Next Ryan gets a strap-on and does her with it in a couple positions! Next Amber rips open Ryan's crotch and gives her head, getting her off big time!
Getting the strap-on, Amber does her good with Ryan kicking off her heels and riding it at the end!
This has been previously uploaded so credit goes to the original uploader. Fixed the audio with the YAAI program.

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