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Elexis And Her Girlfriends
Release Date:2007
Date added:May 22, 2009
Cast: Elexis, Leighlani, Emmiliannairina And Dee Lilly
Video:640x368, 29 fps
Audio:Lame MP3, 128 Kbps
Director:Syndi Ellis
Studio:Girlfriends Films Inc
Size:2.46 GB
Elexis And Her Girlfriends Elexis And Her Girlfriends
Movie Description:

Fan-favorite Elexis is on a quest to experience the best lesbian sex of her life - wanna come? Elexis hand-picks her partners and describes the erotic pleasures she has in store for them. Shot in a documentary-style, you'll see Elexis uncensored with co-stars Emilianna, Leighlani and Dee Lily as well as a sequel to her famous scene with Irina (from Girls in White). Listen in while Elexis explains why she loves lesbian sex, describes her first lesbian experience and confesses what really gets her off. Real orgasms, behind-the-scenes footage and a glimpse into the inner life of one of the most popular stars of girl/girl cinema, Elexis and Her Girlfriends is a must-have for any true fan of lesbian erotica.

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