Rachel Steele (MILF) - Mother Keeps the Peace

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MILF 434 - Mother Keeps the
Kelsey and Anthony are fighting again.
This time it is about Anthony's porn collection.
Kelsey is sick of seeing porn all over the house.
Anthony just laughs at his sister's reaction as he
holds a porn mag up in her face. She is furious at
him and he will not compromise with her. She asked
him to keep it in the garage so she would not have
to see it. He refused. She yelled out for her mom.
Rachel was tired of them always fighting over
something. She did not want to take sides as she
loved them both. She asked Anthony to leave the
room to speak with Kelsey. Her daughter said it
was more than the movies and magazines. Anthony
was always jerking off and walking around with
boners. It grossed her out. She told her mom there
was cum on the bathroom floor and on her sheets.
Rachel explained that Anthony has very strong
urges he cannot help. He has been busy with work
and school and does not have a sexual release, so
porn was his release and they should respect that.
Kelsey rolled her eyes. Rachel had an idea to keep
the peace. She told Kelsey the two of them would
relieve Anthony so he would not need the porn.
Both would be satisfied. Kelsey did not want to do
that, but she realized he would continue his
behavior. Rachel and Kelsey went to Rachel's room,
they called Anthony. He came in and saw they were
in sexy little dresses and looking at him in a
strange way. Rachel told Anthony to take off all
his clothes. At first he was bewildered, but
mother explained what was going to happen.
Anthony's face lit up. He was so horny he did not
care who sucked his cock. They started to stroke
and suck him; Kelsey doing it with an attitude. It
was up to mother to set the mood. Rachel sucked
her son's cock nice and slow while Anthony calmed
his sister by touching her tits. As Kelsey calmed
down she began to feel horny too. She willingly
began sucking her brother's cock. They took turns
sharing him. Rachel put her tits in his face.
Kelsey sucked him deep. Rachel saw how they looked
and suggested they fuck. Anthony really wanted
that. Kelsey laid back and spread her legs,
Anthony entered her. Kelsey moaned. She came fast.
Anthony fucked her missionary, doggy and from the
side as Rachel watched closely. Anthony was ready
to cum. Rachel told Kelsey to sit up and open her
mouth. Anthony jerked his cum into her open mouth.
Rachel told Kelsey to show her the load. She
inspected it and wiped some from her face
depositing it back in Kelsey's mouth. She wanted
Kelsey to have every drop. Rachel praised Kelsey
and told her to be a good girl and swallow her
brother's hot cum. Kelsey swallowed then opened up
for mom to see. Finally, PEACE IN THE FAMILY!

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