British Masturbation Academy Pack 3 (Just Tessa)

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Clip 1 TESSA - The bonus money can't buy Quicktime version
tessa is back to follow up her best selling clip, The boss everyone should have with the ultimate in jerk off fantasy. Imagine the scene, you've been working away and your gorgeous sexy boss has been following your progress. Life can be dull in a remote part of the country but your company laptop has helped you with your three times a day masturbation addiction. But maybe you shouldn't have billed your porn site subscriptions to your expense account! Your weekly calls to the boss should have been about your sales campaign. Instead they became 20% business and 80% phone sex with her! Your boss even knows about your visits to the local strip clubs, and that you used to masturbate to the girls as they undressed on stage. The strip club memberships and dry cleaning your stained business suits were also on your expense account! Luckily your sales were really good and the company is very pleased with your work. Now you're back in the office to collect your bonus but with the worldwide credit crunch, times are difficult. There's no money available, says tessa, but I believe in rewarding success. Your bonus is to be something money can't buy. Your boss is going to help you have the wank of your life. She tells you to take out your cock. She wants to see if it's as big and thick as the last time you were in her office. Perfect, she says with a glint in her eye. If it's that big now, I can't imagine how it will look when you get to see the boss's body Your boss performs a private strip show for you and you have the best seat in the house. So close that when she opens her legs you might be able to taste her hot, wet cunt. tessa is wearing sexy lingerie under her business outfit. She knows you've worked hard and now's the time for you to play hard. Your cock and wrist action says it all, she observes. Come on, show me what a true wanker you are. Pump your cock until it's raw. Then shoot your sperm everywhere. You claim your bonus and empty your balls for your boss. Filmed in widescreen HD quality, this is the ultimate fantasy. The boss everyone should have and the bonus money can't buy. In these credit crunching days, it's the ultimate value too. Twelve minutes of perfect masturbation encouragement for the price of TEN! World class jerkoff encouragement from the British Masturbation Academy.
Clip 2 TESSA - the boss every man should have (Hi-res Quicktime version)
Your boss, tessa is looking really hot. Her blouse can barely hold in her magnificent breasts and her legs look fabulous in sheer black stockings. She's called you into her office because you seem depressed and your work is beginning to suffer. She asks why you don't seem to have a girlfriend, and you tell her you're attracted to older, more experienced women, but have never had the courage to ask a more mature lady for a date, so your sexual relief comes from masturbating. The boss asks what you use for jerking material' and discusses with you the many options available to help your three times a day habit. She comes up with a novel idea and offers to be your live wanking material' right there in her office. tessa invites you to take out your cock and admires its size as you begin to jerk off in front of her. She's impressed with your wrist action but tells you to slow down  she doesn't want your spunk on her desk just yet. She teases you by asking if you've ever fantasised about what your boss looks like under her office clothes. She opens her blouse and her terrific tits come into view. She isn't wearing panties and as she slowly opens her legs you catch a glimpse of her gorgeous pink and wet cunt. She gives encouragement and detailed instruction to build you up to a magnificent climax as she tells you to shoot you sperm all over her. This is masturbation encouragement at it's best from tessa  the boss every man should have. Great value too  for just $8.99, this 10 minute clip also includes a preview of the new clip from ever popular ROSE. It is aimed to help the guy with a busy lifestyle and little time to spare. No need for speed dating  you're guaranteed satisfaction when Rose teaches you all about Speed Wanking'. Coming soon from the British Masturbation Academy.
Clip 3 TESSA the boss knows all about your disgusting jerk off habit WMV version
tessa the boss is used to being in control and she knows all about your jerk off addiction. She's enjoying being in charge of your wanking session but tells you, "I want to see you put in more effort and really wank hard for me today". She's a demanding instructor but in a very controlled way. She doesn't need to raise her voice. You immediately know what's required of you. She shows you her boots and asks if you have a shoe fetish. Knowing that you are feverishly wanking to her as she wears them makes her feel horny. "Bet you'd like to lick them all the way up from my feet to the top of my legs. Bet that would make your cock hard," she says. When you cum, she knows you'd love to spray your sperm all over the shiny leather. "Well think again," she says. "I'm not going to let you spoil my beautiful boots with your disgusting mess!" She tells you to think yourself lucky she's allowing you to masturbate today. She's in a fairly good mood so she'll allow you to get your puny cock out, even though she expects to be very unimpressed with it. "I bet it's really starting to ache," she says, "and I bet your balls are beginning to tighten and throb too." She demonstrates with the handle of her whip how she requires you to pump your cock. Don't jerk it too fast. "I've got all day,' she says. "I don't care how much of a hurry you're in". In her very sexy lingerie, tessa is taking total control of this masturbation session. She strokes her thigh and slips her hand inside her panties to play with her pussy as she gives you very explicit instructions to jerk yourself off for her. If you can hold on just a few moments longer she offers to give you the closest, most intimate views of her pussy ever seen. That's your challenge. If you've learned your masturbation lessons well, you'll be rewarded with a sensational view. If you turn out to be just an average wanker, you'll miss everything. There's only one way to find out. This clip lasts a full 11 minutes and gives the highs and lows of masturbating instruction with a very demanding teacher. With TWO FULL MINUTES of free viewing time, this is particularly good value from one of most experienced and popular instructors.
Clip 4 TESSA - visitng massage girl and JO instructor (Hi-res QUICKTIME version)
With a voice as soft and soothing as her hands, tessa the visiting massage therapist, asks how many times you've imagined what it would be like to have a good looking lady with you, in the room where you spend most of your time masturbating. She knows that you masturbate all the time because all the girls from the British Masturbation Academy have told her know what a wanker you are  and they all love helping you jerk with them. tessa tells you what it would be like to have a soft female hand around your cock, stroking it until you shoot your spunk and it drips off her fingers. She's wearing a very professional tunic, but the rest of the outfit is designed to make your massage more productive. She lifts her skirt, to show her fabulous legs in black stockings. Oiling her hands, she describes how they'll glide all over you, sending a tremor though your body and into your cock. She's here to turn you on and empty your balls. tessa unzips her tunic to show you her fantastic 34E tits. She won't let you touch her breasts but later she might brush them against your chest and you'll feel a hard nipple slide along your cock. Will you be able to hold out or will your shoot your spunk over my tits? she asks. It's not often that a pretty girl grabs your cock and jerks it for you. By now you are aching for her to stroke it. With a big dildo, tessa demonstrates how she'd stroke your cock, telling you that it's nearly time for you to give her your sperm. She knows you are a true masturbator and says she wants to watch as you wank it for her. She gives you a peek at her pussy as she pumps her dildo the way she wants you to pump your cock. Of course you shoot a big load of sperm but not in quite the way things were planned to happen.. 8 mins of sensational JO fantasy - PLUS an added bonus. A preview of mature GEORGIE, who's back as your personal Jerk-o-gram. In her very high class British accent, she reminds you how she loves to help guys get off and she promises to drain you dry. It's coming soon  don't miss it.
Clip 5 TESSA No longer the boss, now your THERAPIST Quicktime version
tessa is a gorgeous and highly experienced instructor, as everyone who's seen her other clips will know. She has a soft, educated voice which she uses to coax you towards a big shooting orgasm every time you masturbate with her. In a career move to qualified sex therapist, she specialises in male masturbation techniques - just what wank-aholics, like you need. For a superb masturbation lesson, you've come to the right place. tessa has read your medical notes and has a fair idea of your problem. To help with her diagnosis, she asks outright how often you jack off, what you use for your stimulation and how much sperm you are able to produce each time you cum. She is sure she can help with your problem, even when she learns that instead of wanting to break your masturbation habit, you want her to help you jack off even more! tessa feels that maybe you need a different type of encouragement as you wank. Instead of the usual porno magazines, DVDs and internet sites, she thinks you would benefit from jerking off to a real live woman, one who understands your masturbation needs and is always happy to help you empty your balls. tessa is that woman, the target for your spunk. She is wearing a prim professional suit but underneath you discover her very sexy red lingerie which she uses to tease you before showing her magnificent tits and fabulous hot wet pussy. All the time her sultry voice gives you the explicit verbal encouragement which builds you up to that all important exploding orgasm. Therapy session number one is a great success. tessa tells you to practice her masturbation therapy lesson several times every day to ensure your addiction to jerking off becomes even more compulsive. You and your cock will enjoy this 7 minute clip with explicit guidance and encouragement from one of our most talented masturbation instructors

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