{Req} Flooding the Cave (Pissing inside a womans pussy)

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The internet is a strange and wonderful place.

Clip is from Gyno-X, "Doc and Nurse Urine Games"

Where to start?  Okay, the clip is in russian so if there's any Ukranians out there who can translate, you're my new hero.

The clip starts with either the doctor punishing the nurse for being late or with them both being just really bored.  Anyhow, the nurse strips, lies on the floor and spreads her legs, and the Doctor proceeds to empty his bladder between her spread lips.

My eyes widen.

Then... it goes a little sideways.  The doc inserts a tube into her pussy ... and they start what can only be described...as taking hits of piss.  

My face goes all funny and takes on a fascinated/disgusted slant.

He tops her off three times in all.  You can actually hear her filling up.

My eyes widen to saucers.

When he's empty and she's... semi-full..., the doc cleans her up with his tongue,  and its all over but for the therapy.

If you couldn't make it through the description dont download the movie.

Consider the appreciation button boys and girls.


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