Kelli McCarty - Faithless Scene 1 (First Hardcore)

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【Run Time】 : 18 min.

Movie Description

Ok, here it is! The DVD quality scene of the first HC scene with the famous Kelli McCarty.

Meet Kelli McCarty...a true, genuine, former Miss U.S.A., and star of the NBC soap opera Passions. But you can only spend so long pleasing your public, the networks, your lovers and other judges. Then it's time to please yourself. And does she ever. Presenting Faithless, the controversial, ground-breaking drama from adult's most awarded director Paul which Kelli shocks every world she's ever been in, from network television to national beauty pageants...and rocks your world all at the same time.Beyond beautiful, beyond hot, beyond belief. Kelli McCarty is Faithless.

Stay tuned for the 2nd scene! Hope you enjoy the upload, please seed as much as possible. Thanks

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