FirstAnalQuest - Irenka (Sandra / Verunka)

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【Run Time】 : 24:18

Movie Description

Love the way this chick looks... straight sex, anal, small amount of gaping and a facial at the end.
I think it’s quite easy to write about this or that girlie – but everything falls into place only when the babe describes the way she felt during anal sex herself! Here is what Irenka told us right after the shoot… “I managed to cum for real for the very first time in my whole life. It was like some kind of sweetness filling by body. That orgasmic pleasure paralyzed my will. One could do anything he wanted to do to me on that evening. My partner turned out to be a very understanding one – he just took his rock-hard dick and inserted the very tip of it into my anus without saying anything. That mixed feeling of pain and pleasure made me scream. As soon as my orifice opened a little bit wider, his meat started sliding inside of me so damn fast bringing the pleasure I had never felt before – bringing that very special feeling of fullness and sweet weakness in the whole of my body.” Is there anything else that you need to hear? =)

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